Certified Installers

of Extreme Shine Floors

We turn old, dull floors into showpieces – for commercial, residential and industrial applications – with next generation concrete systems from Extreme Shine Floors. We do it by taking old or new concrete, and treating it to add color and a beautiful luster or shine to its surface. The result is a modern, exciting look that offers greater durability, stain resistance, higher gloss and a greater hardness than typical concrete.

Concrete that used to be considered utilitarian with no aesthetic value can now have a unique beauty brought to life by different finishing techniques, including staining, painting, coloring, texturing and patterning to become a unique, customizable flooring option. And this, in turn, has elevated it from a sub-floor base to a dynamic colored entryway, kitchen floor, living room floor, office floor and more.

In sum, concrete is now a handcrafted, customizable product that can exist in harmony with other building materials.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

  • Easy to clean, with no dangerous chemicals or VOC’s

  • No need for waxes or coatings

  • Resists tire marks (from vehicles such as forklifts)

  • Resists oil and chemical stains and is fire-resistant

  • High-reflective surface reduces lighting needs and

  • corresponding energy costs

  • Considerably more cost-efficient than marble, granite or terrazzo flooring

  • Increased abrasion resistance

  • Increased compressive strength

  • Non-dusting

  • Low maintenance

  • Increased durability

  • Healthier for those with allergies